Frequently Asked Questions


What are True Scents London Candles made of?

True Scents candles use 100% pure soy and rapeseed oil wax , natural wicks and best quality fragrance and essential oils.

Why there is frosting and lumpy on the candle top after first burn?

This is a sign of 100% natural soy wax and the frosting and lumpy is perfectly normal and will not affect the burn efficiency of the scented candle.

How long should I burn my candle?

When lighting for the first time, burn until wax melts across entire surface to the sides of vessel. We suggest to burn the 100% natural soy wax candle not less than 1-2 hours and no more than 4 hours.

Why choose soy candles?

  • Soy candles are made from natural ingredients and don’t have any petroleum oil in them unlike candles made from paraffin.
  • Soy candles burn 50% longer than paraffin candles.
  • Soy candles burn clearer and they don’t release any harmful soot.
  • Soy candles are non-toxic making them better for the environment.