Luxury soy wax candles

Luxury soy wax candles

Luxury soy wax candles

If you think it’s cool to request for a soy latte, and then why not implement that in the choice of your candle. Soy wax candles are more pleasant, and you should consider making the switch today. Here are in-depth reasons why.

100% natural

Soy wax is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that automatically turns to a solid when placed at room temperature. Soy wax contains nothing artificial, hence why it is a better alternative to the old-fashioned paraffin wax.

Soy wax candles are non-toxic

If you ever needed an excuse to buy a candle you have one – its health benefits. Heavily scented candles may provide the relaxation and comfort you want, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for your health.  Petroleum-based candles give off fumes that are slightly toxic while luxury soy wax candles don’t. It’s a cleaner burning candle—no carcinogens or pollutants which might trigger any type of allergies. Soy wax candles are a much safer way of indulging in a candle—as it doesn’t emit nasties into the atmosphere.

Soy wax candles last longer

The same with when you burn petrol, which I am hoping you don’t, paraffin candles burn fast. While soy wax candles burn a whole lot slower and more evenly. In essence, you are getting more time from your soy candle and a lot less heat.


Soybean is a vegetable, it is only natural for soy wax candles to be biodegradable. While this is super great news for your environment, it’s great news for your house as well. Accident spills from soy wax candles are much easier to clean

Scents better

What’s the point of a luxury soy wax candle anyway?

Since it is derived from a natural source, there isn’t any need to overshadow it with too many strong aromas to blend out the chemical ones. Unlike like paraffin wax, soy candle blends better with essential oils and it is more effective. And because soy candle burns slowly it doesn’t give off the overpowering scent at once, but rather the scent is released into the atmosphere gradually.

The scent of a candle emits from the wax pool surrounding it, and because the melting point of soy wax is low, it has a larger wax pool around it. A larger wax pool equates to a much stronger aroma. The scent gotten from a soy candle is much pleasant than from paraffin candles. 

How to use a Soy wax candle

Soy wax candles are not the same as regular paraffin candles and should be used differently. It is extremely delicate in comparison to other candles—it can be damaged by sunlight. So luxury soy wax candles should never be exposed to strong artificial light or sunlight.

Soy wax candles have a low melting point, so they can soften at temperatures above 25°C—you should store it at room temperature always. If you notice your soy wax candle melting, it is recommended you place it in a cooler area.