Strawberry & Rhubarb, along with some of our other flavors, is a fresh fruit offering. Extremely familiar scent of ripe strawberries, which bring freshness to the home. It smells of home-grown fruit, of a garden of paradise. We offer it in each of our products – in the manufacture of our luxury scented candles, wax and diffusers. 


The Strawberry & Rhubarb fragrance 

Another perfect fruity aroma, which is relatively moderate – based on strawberry and rhubarb. To be more precise, it combines an amazing combination of a complex base that smells of freshly picked strawberries and pink rhubarb. 

Elegance in one fragrance – freshness that will spread for a long time in your home or in the place where you decide to position our products. The choice is great for everyone – whether it’s a man or a woman, a friend, a relative or your special partner. 

We would like to inform you that Strawberry & Rhubarb is among the preferences of many customers, but we also have many other similar and quite different fragrances. We receive many orders for individual products or whole sets. 


But to suit every taste, we offer many other fragrances, such as:

  • Black Coconut
  • Black Pearl Orchid
  • Acqua di Gio
  • Cinnamon Buns
  • Cranberry Marmalade
  • Crème Caramel
  • Chamomile
  • English Pear & Vanilla
  • Ginger Biscuit
  • Lady Million
  • Lavish
  • Lime Basil Mandarin
  • Pear & Freesia
  • Paradise Beach
  • Sage & Sea Salt
  • Vanilla Peony

Everyone is unique in nature and emphasizes more on a particular type of fragrance – more garden (floral), sweet, universal, fresh, etc. If you want to look for a little more information about the composition of each fragrance, see the page “Our Scents” in our online store. 


How can you experience TrueScents’ Strawberry & Rhubarb fragrance?

To feel the true splendor and freshness that comes from the aroma, True Scent is at your disposal. We can make the product of your choice – scented candle, diffuser or fragrant wax block. We can put the maximum amount of Strawberry & Rhubarb fragrance, as well as any other you choose. You receive each product in a luxurious look and packaging, and for more special moments – order a whole set. They include the full range of products. 

We want to inform you that we make each product by hand, then we apply the maximum amount of fragrance for longevity. Using only vegetable wax, we lock in a beautiful and stylish look – both on the product and on the packaging. 

Thank you for your trust and attention to the handmade products! You and your smile are our muse for developing and creating new creative ideas for making candles, wax blocks and diffusers. 


Why choose our products?

TrueScents is not just an ordinary online store. In it we have invested a lot of hard work, a selection of high quality ingredients and flavours, luxury packaging and a personal touch to the creation of each of our products.


If you choose our products whether that being Candles, Diffusers, Wax or Gift sets you get all this:

  • Handmade products, creating a sense of perfection and attention to detail.
  • Our candles and wax are made of 100% natural wax. 
  • The wax is plant-based, sustainable and biodegradable, without the presence of petroleum products.
  • The fragrances we have selected are high class, very long-lasting and have not been tested on animals. 
  • Beautiful and luxurious packaging.

We have a great workshop in London, where we supply the ingredients for all our products. We make them by adding a large amount of Strawberry Rhubarb fragrance or another of your choice, with our finishing touches – the packaging.  

Show the people around you that you love them and appreciate them, approaching them personally with small gifts. We hope we have made your search easier by assuring you that our quality is unsurpassed!

Thank you to each of you who chooses our store – it means a lot to us! 


What to expect from us?

Take a look at our products and contact us if you want to make a personal gift for people close to you. We will help you with the choice of fragrance. From us you can expect a guarantee of quality, handmade and compliance with all your requirements. You will be fascinated by the packaging and especially by the power of the aroma that will captivate your senses. 


Expect from us:

  • Perfect service
  • Assistance in choosing
  • Perfectly packaged products
  • Quality and luxury candles, melted wax, diffusers and gift sets suitable for any occasion 
  • Fast delivery in London